Last weekend, we went to a Christmas party at my cousin's home. While we were there, we got to meet her husband's side of the family and they were a hoot! We also got to play Dirty Santa.

How to Play Dirty Santa

In the game Dirty Santa, you draw numbers. The first person picks a gift and unwraps it. The second person can either pick a gift or steal a gift that's already been unwrapped.

What to Bring to a Dirty Santa Gift Exchange

I brought in one of my old trusty Dirty Santa gifts - A BIG package of good TP and bathroom spray. It's the gift that everyone needs. Men need it - women need it - kids need it. People fight over the TP.

I grabbed what I thought was a speaker but it turned out to be a karaoke machine! My very dramatic daughter has since confiscated it and has been giving us full-on rock concerts every night.

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My Pop got a gift card and it was promptly stolen from him. So, he chose something else and opened it. Shot glasses. Nice but not as good as a gift card!

Take Your Dirty Santa Gift Giving to the Next Level

After all the gifts had been chosen, the person who brought the shot glasses came over and told him to look in the box a little further. They taped a $50 gift card inside the box! They went on to explain that they find something really crappy (like a fruitcake) and then hide something really really good inside!

Tell Your Guests that the Worst Gift is the BEST Gift and Watch them Fight Over Garbage

It got me thinking - how great would it be if you TOLD your guests that the best gift was hidden in the crappiest gift. Then everyone would be fighting over what they think is the worst gift.

It's the dirrrtiest Dirty Santa game of all!

What to Do at Christmastime in East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains

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