The road to a new Fear Factory album has not been a smooth one, but after several years of legal issues the long awaited new record will finally arrive this spring. That said, guitarist Dino Cazares, who remains the lone original band member, has fended off plenty of criticism since continuing the group and had a few choice words while expressing his commitment to Fear Factory and taking a not-so-veiled shot at a former bandmate.

"The people who talk shit about me don’t realize what I went through to put this record together, all the $ that I spent for FF to still exist, to keep it alive for the fans, and just for one asshole to shit all over it, because he lied in court and lost everything. I love FF," stated Cazares, before continuing, "Part 2) you are not the victim when you lie."

When asked by another fan if this was a jab at singer Burton C. Bell, who announced his exit from the band last year after the court cases were finalized, Cazares added, "Take it how ever u want, just know this, I bleed live and die for FF."

The Cazares comments come after a recent wide-ranging interview with Bell done by Metal Hammer in which the former Fear Factory vocalist addressed his current feelings about the experience of the last few years.

In it, he spoke of the difficulty of recording while dealing with lawsuits and financial issues, claiming, "I personally filed bankruptcy nine years ago. But after that, the last round of lawsuits plus Dino’s bankruptcy made me go bankrupt again. It definitely broke me, financially.”

When asked about his feelings about Cazares, he continued, “Working with someone you don’t trust anymore and to be in a business where everyone’s coming after you ... it wasn’t worth it. I was, like, ‘Fuck this, you can have it, take it all.’”

Cazares first announced Fear Factory would return last September, with a crowdfunding campaign launched not long after. Bell announced his exit from the group in late September, shortly after denying his involvement with the band and the crowdfunding campaign. Cazares stated publicly that he didn't want Bell to leave and he left a window open for Bell's return but added that it "won't stay open forever." Despite the gesture, Bell maintained that he was "done" with Fear Factory,

Static-X bassist Tony Campos and drummer Mike Heller are part of the current  lineup, though the vocal replacement for Bell has yet to be named. Even with a new singer eventually joining the band, it has been confirmed the group's next album will feature Bell's vocals.

It was recently announced that the first new song from the album will be "Disruptor." It's expected to drop on April 16, the same day that pre-orders will begin for the Aggression Continuum album.

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