If you saw the hot air balloon just off the Lloyd Expressway on your way home today, you may be wondering what was going on. The balloon belongs to Bloomington Balloon Rides out of Bloomington, Indiana and they were in Evansville to help bring to life the vision of two Evansville creatives and the co-founders of Engaged River Valley - a local resource for all things wedding from inspiration, vendors and tips to make your day as perfect as can be.

Editor-in-Chief, JoElle Knight and Managing Editor, Nikki Davis, along with their team of photographers, videographers and models always create the most unique and inspiring photoshoots for the magazine and that's exactly what they were doing today in the middle of a hot September afternoon in Roberts Park - the green space formerly occupied by Roberts Stadium. I've been fortunate to know both of these incredibly talented, creative and driven women for a number of years and when they have an idea, there is no stopping them! They truly are a dynamic duo. When Nikki first told me of their plans with the hot air balloon, I knew I had to stop by to see the creative process for myself and it is something to see unfold. From an empty grassy field to an elegant backdrop for breathtaking and creative photographs. JoElle told me that the hot air balloon shoot was an idea that they had in the early days of Engaged River Valley and she is excited to see it finally coming to fruition.

From vibrant flowers, rare vintage Pyrex and colorful cake pops to a full-blown hot air balloon and beautiful bride and groom, this shoot promises to be elevate your wedding day inspirations. And while we're going to have to wait to see the finished photoshoot until the release of the next issue, you can view the most current issue of Engaged River Valley here.

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