My mind just got blown.

So in preparation for Shinedown coming to the Ford Center on Thursday with Five Finger Death Punch, I decided to watch some Shinedown music videos on my lunch break.

As I was watching "The Crow and the Butterfly" I kept pausing the video and thinking to myself, "This kid really looks like Dylan Minnette..." It bothered me so much that I just googled it and, low and behold, IT ACTUALLY IS DYLAN MINNETTE.

Little Dylan Minnette who used to have dance classes with my best friends little brother when I was a kid. Dylan Minnette who grew up in Evansville. Dylan Minnette who went on to be in Prison Break, Lost, Saving Grace, Scandal, Goosebumps, and 13 Reasons Why. THAT Dylan Minnette.

Shinedown; Youtube
Shinedown; Youtube

My mind is blown.

And yet I'm a little disappointed in myself. I mean, this video came out 8 years ago and I JUST NOW noticed he was in it?

Well, better late than never.

And don't forget, you can still get tickets to the concert at the Ford Center on Thursday, May 17th at the Ford Center Box Office and

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