And it's a short drive from the Tri-State.


Corn mazes are already a popular Fall activity, but add in beer, and you've just taken it to a whole other level. There's a festival that combines both brews and corn mazes to make the most Indiana-event ever.  It's called Corn Maze Beer Fest, and I appreciate their straightforward name.  This festival doesn't mess around, right there in the title it says it all, beer, corn, done.

How I found out about it is a friend posted to Facebook talking about wanting to go to a Corn Maze Beer Fest.  I commented and had to ask... wait?  Is this a real thing?  Turns out it is, and it's really not too far from the Tri-State.

It's called Corn Maze Beer Fest, and it's exactly what you think it is.  It's hosted by 450 North Brewing in Columbus Indiana. It's right under a 3 hour drive from the Tri-State. Columbus is east of Bloomington.  It's a festival with a corn maze, and brews from a bunch of different craft breweries. You pay a price, get a sample glass and taste brews while winding through a corn maze.   It's happening this weekend, and if you've got time to kill and a good sense of direction it may be just the event for you. If you are interested you can get all the info on the Corn Maze Beer Fest website, here.

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