This is a case that's kind of been going on behind the scenes for the past year with the band that some people might not know about.

If you're a hardcore Ghost fan, you know all about their on-going court case.

For new fans, here's the long story short:

Ghost is made up of Tobias Forge, AKA "Cardinal Copia" AKA "Papa Emertus" and his four Nameless Ghouls. But the four Ghouls he has now? Are not his original four Ghouls. THOSE Ghouls sued Forge in 2017 claiming that he cheated them out of money that was rightfully there's from Ghost's album releases and world tours.

In June, Forge filed an official response to the lawsuit, claiming that "no legal partnership" ever existed between him and the four musicians regarding the activities of GHOST and explaining that "none of the plaintiffs were present at the time of the" group's formation and that their sole task was to "perform" and "execute" the musical works and the image that Forge had created, produced and decided, all according to his instructions. For their efforts, he said, the musicians were paid a fixed salary.


At the end of August, the four ex-GHOST members presented an answer of their own, dismissing Forge's claim that GHOST is a solo project as "not [being] in accordance with the truth." "Forge has certainly been the band's main songwriter, he has had the role of the band's cinematic front figure 'Papa Emeritus,' has been a driving force in the band's business, as well as in the handling of the band's business affairs," the musicians wrote. "However, the activities carried out with respect to GHOST were extensively handled jointly by the members — for example, by making decisions jointly regarding the band's image, by participating in interviews, and by the fact that every member has, at certain times, contributed when recording the band's albums and singles and by touring together almost continuously since 2011."


Fun Fact: This is actually why we know the name behind the mask. Tobias wanted to keep Papa Emertus' identity a secret for as long as he could. But when you get sued...well, that's public record. And that's why we know his name.

They tried to negotiate, but could never come to an agreement. So today was their first day of court proceedings.

But it looks like today was just the beginning of a very long time in court for the past and present Ghost members.


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