I have heard this rumor for years, and finally did some research, and it's true!! 

Equipment for American football - Wide
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How cool would it be if Evansville still had an NFL team?!  It makes you wonder what would Evansville be like if the team had stuck around?  Unfortunately we won't find out because they didn't stick around too long.

The Evansville Crimson Giants were an NFL team that played at none other, than our very own Bosse Field! In 1921 the Evansville Crimson Giants were a part of the American Professional Football Association. In 1922 the owner and coach of the Crimson Giants paid a $1,000 bond to secure the franchise right for the NFL.   Now this is just in the very early stages of what would become the juggernaut we know today as the NFL.

SportsEcylcopedia.com has a really great in-depth look at the history of the Evansville Crimson Giants, and what ultimately caused them to fold.  You can read that here.

So there you have it! A new fun fact to share with your friends!


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