Later this month, Def Leppard will unleash a virtual chronicle of their whole history as a band with the Def Leppard Vault.

That means fans of the veteran "Pour Some Sugar on Me" rockers can experience highlights from the group's career straight from the Leppard's mouth. All materials in the Def Leppard Vault are both selected and expounded upon by the band's members themselves — lead singer Joe Elliott, guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell, drummer Rick Allen and bassist Rick Savage. So do you want to get rocked?

Watch an announcement video down toward the bottom of this post.

"The Def Leppard Vault is the first-ever collection of the band's artifacts and related stories, curated from and told by Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil and Viv," a description of the archive relays.

"The Def Leppard Vault will serve as a constantly curated museum, including special installations where fans can gather to see the band's history from 1977 to now."

In the video preview, Elliott says the Vault will include gems from "cassettes from back in the day, vinyl, press cuttings, CDs of unreleased songs or rough ideas."

Savage adds that there's "some wonderful stuff in there – even stuff that I'd forgotten about. … All things bright and beautiful from the Def Leppard present and past." Allen explains that the virtual vault will enable the band to "finally share some of these things with all of you."

Def Leppard's 1995 hits collection was called Vault. Since then, the band has issued six further studio albums, including a 2015 self-titled effort, capitalizing on the fame ignited by their '80s smashes such as Pyromania and Hysteria. The group was set to tour in 2020 as part of Motley Crue's reunion trek. After being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, those dates are now scheduled for summer 2021.

The Def Leppard Vault unlocks on Jan. 13 for fans that sign up at Those who register will receive a code to access the online archive by that date, as well as a special welcome message.

Def Leppard Vault Preview Video

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