In Indiana, it appears that even the wildlife is trying to get the best education.

Earlier this week, a surveillance camera at Garrett High School captured footage of a deer going to great lengths to enroll in class.

The video shows the animal jumping through the window of a school computer lab before hurtling itself through another window to get out. Surprisingly, the deer managed to do this without damaging any of the equipment.

However, computers were obviously not the animal’s primary interest, as it soon found its way to a set of doors, where it repeatedly slammed itself head first into the glass in an attempt to get in.

Interestingly, the high school must have something inside of it that is driving these wild animals crazy: school officials say that this was not the only time a deer has gone nuts trying to get into the facility.

"Five minutes later this classroom would have had 15 to 20 elementary kids in it. Luckily...there was nobody in the classroom. This is the third one we've had. For some reason it comes this time of year,” said Jim Slain, director of school safety.

The animal didn’t exactly make the grade, but it certainly broke a few windows before returning to where it came from.

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