One Deadpool movie per year isn’t enough, so Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth is returning to theaters once more for some holiday festivities. This time, though, he’ll be a little more family-friendly.

A couple weeks back we learned of a mysterious new Deadpool movie hitting theaters this December. Is it a new sequel? Not exactly. The mystery project will be PG-13, a big change from the previous R-rated Deadpool outings. One rumor suggested the film will be a kid-appropriate version of Deadpool 2 told as a bedtime story in the vein of The Princess Bride. Now some new intel has arrived revealing what to expect from the film, which is apparently titled The Deadpool Before Christmas.

According to MCU Cosmic, the Deadpool Christmas movie will reportedly have 15 minutes of new footage and feature a new character. The site describes it as an “adapted version” of this year’s Deadpool 2 that’s being re-released in theaters for younger audiences who couldn’t see (or, uh, sneak into) the R-rated film.

The news isn’t too surprising if that Princess Bride rumor turns out to be true. The new character is most likely Fred Savage, reprising his role from the 1987 movie. And the additional footage? There could be some deleted scenes from the sequel, but it’s probably just the scenes where Deadpool, stepping into the Peter Falk role, reads adult Savage a bedtime story, aka the events of Deadpool 2. Reynolds himself teased as much on Twitter a couple weeks ago.

If anything, the biggest shocker will be seeing Deadpool keep things PG-13. So if you’re not crazy about the new Transformers Bumblebee spinoff, you can go see the Deadpool Christmas movie with the fam when it hits theaters December 21.

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