Are you still trying to recover from last weekend's time change as we moved our clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time? It legitimately makes me feel more drained and fatigued every single time we change the time here in Indiana and across the majority of the United States. If you are like me, it turns out we are not alone.

It Isn't Your Imagination - Daylight Savings Time is Hard on Our Bodies and Minds

According to Northwestern Medicine, the change to Day Light Savings Time can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds causing issues like depression, weight gain, slower metabolism, and more as we adjust to the changes in sleep associated with the time change. They say that during the seven days following the change to Day Light Savings when we spring our clocks forward, there is a correlation to increases in:

  • Cardiovascular disease, with a 24% higher risk of heart attacks
    Injuries, including a 6% spike in fatal car accidents
  • Stroke rate, which increases by 8%
  • Mental health and cognitive issues, with an 11% spike in depressive episodes
  • Digestive and immune-related diseases, such as colitis, which increase by 3% in females over age 60
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There is no doubt that Daylight Savings Time is more than a little inconvenient and even dangerous. So can we just stop doing it? The United States Senate seems to think so.


Can We Just Do Away With It? The US Senate Thinks So

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, the US Senate passed a piece of legislation that, if it becomes law, would make daylight saving time permanent. This would put an end to the clock changes we begrudgingly make twice a year.

According to Reuters, now that the legislation has been passed by the Senate, it will now move to the House for a vote. If the US House of Representatives is in the majority agreement, the legislation nicknamed the "Sunshine Protection Act," would go to President Joe Biden to be signed and would be enacted beginning in November 2023.

[Source: Reuters/Northwestern Medicine]

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