David S. Pumpkins is the new Halloween meme the internet is in love with "Any questions???"



Tom Hanks hosted SNL last Saturday and was in a sketch called "Haunted Elevator" in which he played a guy in a pumpkin decorated suit named David S. Pumpkins, flanked by two dancing skeletons. Yeah, that's it. It was an okay skit. But for some reason the internet fell in love and became obsessed with it.


The "Haunted Elevator" video on SNL's Youtube page has over 3 million hits. And the suit he wore? It's a suit that's sold at Halloween party stores...which are now all sold out of them.


I don't understand the obsession...maybe it's just the funny music...maybe it's just because it's so stupid it's funny. But since then, people have been making Halloween memes with David Pumpkins in them and my favorite has to be David Pumpkins put into Halloween horror classics.


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