Last night Dave Grohl filled in as host for Jimmy Kimmel for the Halloween show and things got awesome.


Jimmy Kimmel's son had to undergo a surgery, and that surgery just so happened to take place on the week of Halloween. So many guest hosts stepped up to the plate to fill in this week, including Dave Grohl, who hosted last night.


And when you host a show on Halloween, of COURSE you're going to dress up. But as what? Well Dave had the ingenious idea to dress as "Dave Letterman Grohl". Because if you're going to host, you better look the part.



And since it was Halloween, Alice Cooper was a MUST on the show, and also in costume. (At least...I HOPE that was a costume....)



And then, in a surprise twist, Kristen Bell performed a Frozen song that ended in a Metallica song with Dave on the drums. So if you ever wanted to hear the hard rock version of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman", here you go.



But of course, the highlight of the night was Alice Cooper performing with the Foo Fighters.


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