I've been in the radio industry a while, and if you asked me what my dream artist interview would be, my answer would be Dave Grohl.  Something about him, he just seems like such a down-to-earth guy, but yet he's a total rock legend.  According to First We Feast, Dave Grohl was their most requested interview and I believe it!

What is Hot Ones?

If you've never seen Hot Ones before, it's one of the most creative interview shows I've ever seen.  The host, Sean Evans sits down with guests and they have 10 hot wings in front of them and the wings get hotter the more they eat.  During each wing, Sean asks the guest a question. It helps that Sean is just a great interviewer and keeps things super interesting. But this interview, I think it became the Dave Grohl show, but do you really expect anything less from THE Dave Grohl?

Black Tooth Grin Shots

During the interview, Dave does a toast to Pantera by offering host Sean Evans a Black Tooth Grin, which happens to be the shot Pantera was known for doing before shows. According to Foodviva.com the best way to make a Black Tooth Grin is with Crown Royal, Seagram's 7, and Coca-Cola.  You can find the ratios, here.

You Can Watch Studio 666 in Evansville!

In the interview Dave is asked about Studio 666, the upcoming horror/comedy starring Foo Fighters, and he talks about the fact that the movie started as a joke, Dave had the idea for a horror movie starring Foo Fighters, and the next thing he knew, it took off. He said in the interview he expected it to be a low-budget slasher flick, that turned into an actual movie.

I looked at the official Studio 666 website, and the movie will be showing in Evansville.  Although if you don't live on the west side, you may have to drive a little to catch Studio 666 as it will be playing at AMC on Evansville's west side. You can check out ticket prices and showtimes, here.

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