A new version of what is believed to be the first song Dave Grohl ever wrote has surfaced. You can check out "Gods Look Down" above.

The clip was uploaded by Laundry Room Studio, which is owned by Barrett Jones, the co-producer of their 1995 debut. Apparently, this segment was recorded for Foo Fighters' 2014 series Sonic Highways, but never aired. In it, Jones and Grohl listen back to the original eight-track master, with Grohl frequently isolating one of the tracks.

"Gods Look Down" had originally been recorded in 1989 by Scream, Grohl's hardcore band from when he lived in Washington, D.C, but it was kept unreleased until 1993's Fumble. In the comments for the video, the studio says that "this was the first song he ever recorded on his own playing all the instruments."

Grohl initially pokes fun at his vocals. “I sound like a girl,” he says upon hearing them. “I don’t think my balls had dropped yet.” Elsewhere, they note that, although Grohl began the session by laying down the drums, they didn't follow the standard procedure of using a click track. Later, they question whether the guitars were played through Marshall amplifiers.

The song was recorded in 1990, when Laundry Room Studio was located in Jones' house in Arlington, Va. A year later, Jones moved the operation to Seattle, where he's been ever since. Three songs that Nirvana recorded with Jones, "Marigold," "Forgotten Tune" and a demo of "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle," found a home on the 20th anniversary edition of In Utero.

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