A little boy perched on his dad's shoulders at the Foo Fighter's show in Nashville wowed the crowd and blew Dave Grohl's mind! A friend (and former intern) of GBF, Chris Koyle, was at the show and caught some video of the killer drum solo that the Venezuelan boy, nicknamed by Dave as "Little Fonzie," threw down. You can see the shock on Dave's face as the boy hammers out a pretty impressive beat. According to Chris:

...after talking to him from the mic a number of times in between songs, invited him and his dad up onstage. Then the boy said he wanted to play the drums. Dave said, "Ok, you've got 1 minute to show us what you've got", and that's when Little Fonzie killed it and took over the show."

The kid definitely stole the show! Thanks to Chris for letting us share his photo & video!

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