UPDATE: Daughtry have now released a concept video for "Heavy Is the Crown" following their previous live video release. Have a closer look below.

Daughtry have released a live video for their latest single "Heavy Is the Crown."

The video features the band playing the song live in what appears to be an empty venue, aka the performance was COVID-friendly. Check out the video below.

“No one truly knows the responsibility of any one given person," Chris Daughtry said in a press release.

“We all possess heavy responsibilities of our own castles, our own families, our own worlds and circles. So it’s easy to look elsewhere and think someone has it better or believe that one is less significant than the next person. But we are all as significant as it gets," he continued.

"When you really see that you are 100 percent responsible for your life and the vision you want to come to fruition, that’s heavy. However, it’s also liberating to know, you are fully in control of that, while also being aware of the burden that comes with carving your own path and not conforming to societal norms.”

Daughtry's upcoming new album will not be released through RCA Records this time around, as the group split with the label in 2019. The frontman elaborated on the split in an interview with Loudwire Nights, which will air tonight (April 9).

"Well I can't just let them take all the blame for it you know, I take my fair share of responsibility for giving into the pressure of needing to follow certain trends, or needing to fit this certain format," the vocalist explained.

"There was also a lot of changeover at the label, so after the second record I didn't work with the same people again. It was all, from record to record, different A&Rs, different people with different opinions and different ideas of what this band was," he continued.

As a result, the rocker saw many songs that he wanted to release throughout his career pushed aside in order to put out what his label said would be a success.

After the mutual split with RCA, which he said was amicable, he reevaluated what he wanted going forward in regards to writing new music.

"I have 100 percent control and I've had zero input from anyone — no one has stepped in the studio and put their thumb on anything," he enthused. "I feel like I'm in the midst of making — regardless of what it does on the charts or how it's received — hands down, the best record I've ever made."

To hear the full interview, tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7pm ET at this location or by downloading the Loudwire App.

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