Indiana law enforcement officials are warning residents about a dangerous new psychedelic drug that has been popping up around the Hoosier state over the past month.

The drug is called “25i” (aka “smiles” or “N-bomb,”) and it is a hallucinogen comparable to drugs like LSD and ecstasy. Experts say that although this extremely potent drug has been around for nearly a decade, it was not common to find it being used recreationally until around 2010.

25i users commonly experience pleasurable effects, such as mood elevation, visuals, and spiritual experiences. However, the adverse effects can be devastating, as this substance has been known to cause seizures, cardiac arrest and even death.

The drug is distributed in the form a white powder or liquid, which can be combined with alcohol or energy drinks, according to the Michigan City Police Department.

Recent reports indicate the drug is being sold online, with how-to tutorials and trip reports being posted all over the Internet.

In 2013, the Drug Enforcement Administration classified 25i a Schedule I dangerous substance, making it illegal across the United States. So far, the drug has been linked to 25 deaths across the nation – most high school students, according to Fox News.

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