There are tons of kids that grow up without the presence of a dad in the home.  Angel here and I grew up with only my momma around.  Don't get me wrong she was absolutely amazing but there are some things I do wish I had a dad around to help with.

Rob Kenney, a dad and granddad, from Washington State, literally became an overnight YouTube sensation with his "Dadvice" videos.

He told GMA;

The last thing Kenney, 55, expected was to become an internet sensation, gaining nearly 2 million subscribers, or new "kids," in just a few short weeks.

"I just inherited 1.6 million kids, as of this morning," said Kenney of Washington state. The number has since grown to 1.97M. "I had no idea ('Dad, How Do I?') would take off like it has."

Rob grew up without a father in the most important and crucial time in his life.  His dad left when he was a teen.  Teen boys need their dads to learn things like yard work, cars, fixing things around the house, and GIRLS!

He started his videos in the Spring of 2020 and and families all across America love them.  Let's be honest we all need help knowing how to do stuff around the house.  I told Joe the other night we need to just YouTube all the crap we want to know how to do around here.

Rob does stuff like "How to tie a tie", "How To Make A Pumpkin Pie", and the one I plan on watching tonight "How to fix a running toilet!"

Rob is an answerer prayer to many mothers, grandparents, kids, and really EVERYONE.

Here are some of the videos Rob has made;

I don't even know Rob but I already think the world of him.  Taking time out of his life to helping others especially kids.  The world needs more people like him.

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