"Crush Negativity" isn't just a song on Crowbar's forthcoming album Zero and Below, out in March. It's also a motto for how the influential sludge metal band's frontman, Kirk Windstein, lives his life.

The Crowbar bandleader revealed as much in a video interview with Little Punk People this week. During Windstein's chat with the show's teenage host, Elliott Fullam, the musician reflected on the many listeners who've confided to him that Crowbar songs got them through a tough time. He returns that vibe in kind with "Crush Negativity."

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

When asked how often he thinks about those he's helped, Windstein responds, "Pretty much every day. And I think that kinda keeps me trying to be on a positive road as well. I just believe that I've been put on this Earth and was given a gift. Why don't I use it?"

He continues, "The older I get, the more I wanna use it to help people because there's not a show that I play or a day that I get on Facebook or something that somebody doesn't tell me how much the music and lyrics had helped them go through a dark period in their life. So I think that's why I threw [the song] 'Crush Negativity' in there, instead of keeping everything negative."

Last month, Crowbar released the song "Chemical Godz" as the first preview of Zero and Below. In 2020, Windstein played his favorite riffs for Loudwire after releasing his first solo album, Dream in Motion.

Zero and Below arrives on March 4 from MNRK Heavy. Pre-orders are available now. Crowbar hit the road that month with Sepultura and Sacred Reich to promote the effort. Get Crowbar tickets here.

Crowbar's Kirk Windstein Appears on Little Punk People - Jan. 26, 2022

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