Have you ever had one of your sports games delayed due to inclement weather? Have you ever had your game delayed because a HUGE SWARM OF BEES INFILTRATED THE FIELD??

Yeah, the South Africa vs Sri Lanka cricket match in Johannesburg, South Africa got a little crazy the other day...


If a game gets delayed due to weather, that's fine. You either wait it out, or postpone the game to a later date.


If a game gets delayed due to BEES? What's the protocol for THAT?? What do you do when an armada of bees takes over your game?? I don't know what the bee situation is like in South Africa (apparently, it's crazy), but in America bees are an endangered species now. You can't just kill 'em willy nilly live on tv. Some pro-bee activists will get mad. But you know how else would be mad? ME. Because my game got interrupted by Napoleon Beenaparte and his Beettalion.



Update: How did they stop #beegate?


Elizabeth Ammon; Twitter
Elizabeth Ammon; Twitter















Fire extinguisher.

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