A Houston woman arrested on felony charges after she blogged on a website.

According to GuySpeed.com,


"Silvey, 49, of Houston was arrested on a felony stalking charge for allegedly hounding her ex at a relentless pace. Between June 14th and September 5th, court records show Silvey sent 712 emails and made 1,001 phone calls to her ex-boyfriend. Phone records show on Aug. 4th alone, she called him 146 times.

She allegedly also tried to break out the windows of his home on four separate occasions using items such as a tire iron and a five-foot long sword. So how did the cops figure out the culprit was Silvey? She wrote about the vandalism and the damages done to the house in great detail on her personal blog. When police questioned her about what she had done, she told them “read my blog, it’s all there.”"


This Bitch is just plain crazy!!!!! What gets me in this whole article is the fact that she blogged about it. I understand that the Internet has consumed our lives now days but if you are going to commit a felony and don't want to get caught don't blog about it for the whole world to see! I read this article and my mouth completely dropped open!

What do you think about this crazy bitch alert?