Let's be honest, sometimes you and your significant other get the sudden urge to to spontaneously have sex. It doesn't matter you're at, sometimes you just want to get your rocks off. Well, for one couple, that location was the Roberts Park Family Aquatic Center in Connersville, IN. What's striking about the story is that the couple was having sex for 30 minutes before someone said anything to the pool's management. Really...thirty minutes?! Seriously people, what could two people doing for thirty minutes before something clicks in your mind that makes you think "Gee, those people over there look like their having sex, maybe I should say something to someone!"

So, some people love pools for sex...a little exercise and a little more exercise (nudge nudge, wink wink). This begs the question, where's the strangest place you've had the urge to make a little whoopee?

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