F.J. Reitz High School announced some pretty doggone exciting news this week. They named their new head football coach, and it's a name that's very familiar to folks on Evansville's west side. Cory Brunson is the fella you'll see leading the Panther football team in 2020.

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Cory has built a name for himself as a head coach over the last several years. His first head coaching gig was at Harrison, where he spent four seasons and had a record of 21-23. Brunson led the Warriors to a sectional title in 2015. Then he headed out to Posey County where he coached the Mt. Vernon team for the last three seasons.

Now Cory is coming back to his alma mater on the Hill, Reitz High School, where he was named an all-state quarterback in 1996.

Former Reitz head coach, Andy Hape, had nothing but positive words and well wishes for Brunson on social media.


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