Corey Taylor has had lots of memorable looks throughout his career, but which of a Slipknot masks is his favorite? That's just one of the questions put to the Slipknot frontman during a new Reddit AMA with fans, and Taylor actually did answer the question.

Keeping it short and to the point, the Slipknot frontman answered, "This one," referring to his current mask that he debuted at Rocklahoma in September of 2021. Taylor had teased fans about the mask in advance, revealing that it was "uncomfortable" and that it would "fucking scare kids."

The mask looks more like a baseball-inspired skull cap, complete with stitching along the cheek, mouth and the top of Taylor's cranium. The singer reportedly spent three months designing the mask, which replaced the more clear facial plate he had been wearing prior.

Taylor worked with a designer named Conor Deless to complete his vision, later commenting, "He really got to the essence of what I was trying to configure. It was almost immediate. And then, really, it was just a matter of waiting for him to build the damn thing, We did the mold. We built it right to my face, so it fits like a glove. And it's hot as balls, but it's so rad onstage. It just looks really, really cool. I'm calling it the 'Smiling Skull Mask.'"

Anthony Scanga
Anthony Scanga

Taylor also opened up about some of the other masks in the band as well, complimenting Sid Wilson's current mask, which has an animatronic element to it that mimics Taylor as he sings.

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The AMA also found Taylor sharing what would be his "desert island" discs and commenting on how his voice got better once he quit smoking. You can check out more of the full discussion here.

The Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks

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