Corey Taylor opened up about the death of former bandmate and founding Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison in a new interview with Eddie Trunk and called the legend's passing "a damn tragedy."

During the chat, which aired on Sirius XM's 'Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,' Taylor was candid in his reflection, looking back to late July when news broke that Jordison had "died peacefully in his sleep," per a statement from the drummer's family.

"It's been tough, man. Our first concern was obviously his family, so we reached out immediately to make sure that they were okay, to let them know if they needed anything from us, they could absolutely ask," Taylor relayed to Trunk (transcription via Blabbermouth) and continued, "It's a damn tragedy. He was way too young and he was way too talented to lose him like this."

Slipknot parted ways with Jordison at the end of 2013 for reasons that remain undisclosed to this day and Taylor acknowledged that he is not interested in talking about what led to that decision and would rather remember his late bandmate for his accomplishments.

"I know a lot of people wonder about the circumstances that led to him not being in the band anymore, and it's, like, we're not going to talk about that because I'd rather talk about his legacy, which is that he helped create this band that we all have fought to keep out there and keep going," Taylor explained.

"Just the fact that he's not here now, it's still — I still can't believe it," he lamented.

Jordison died on July 26 at age 46 and was remembered warmly in countless tribute posts from his friends and peers. Slipknot and the band's members blacked out their social media pages in honor of the fallen drummer and later released an official statement regarding his death in tandem with a memorial video.

In Loudwire's recent interview with Al Jourgensen, the Ministry mastermind reflected on the brief period where Jordison performed with the group on tour as a live member, saying his passing "was the first time I've cried since [Ministry guitarist] Mike Scaccia died. Mikey was like my little brother and then I guess Joey would have been like my favorite nephew."

"As far as a soul, his soul was golden," Jourgensen added.

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