Cops Connecting With Kids is an Evansville-based non-profit that works to connect cops with the youth in our community.  They are behind the Disney trips that many Evansville students have gotten to enjoy.  Their mission statement reads:

The mission of Cops Connecting with Kids Inc. is to build positive relationships between members of the law enforcement profession and the youth in their local communities, through open and honest channels of communication, mentorship, and connectivity.


There's no doubt that Cops Connecting with Kids are very passionate about what they do and the connections they make.  Today Detective McCormick, and Mr. Anthony took on the CiCi's giant pizza challenge to raise money for the program.

What is the GIANT pizza challenge?

If you aren't familiar with the pizza challenge, it's being offered at the Evansville CiCis Pizza location and it is NOT for the faint of heart.  My friend Travis recently went in-depth about the pizza challenge, and if you're interested in taking on the challenge, he has all the info on how to enter, here. But the premise of the challenge is simple, two hungry pizza fans have an hour to eat an ENTIRE 28-inch one-topping pizza and drink two large drinks with no ice.  If you complete the challenge within the hour without throwing up, you win $300.

You can watch Facebook live where they began the challenge, and where they ended the challenge, and there's a big difference!

Here's the start of the challenge:

And the end of the challenge:

They were SO close to finishing! Since they didn't EvansvilleWatch made them a bet, if they ate two more slices EvansvilleWatch would give them $200, which they did! So while they didn't win the $300 prize, their pizza-eating efforts weren't for nothing, they still raised a couple of hundred bucks to help send some deserving kids to Disney!


Want to help support Cops Connecting With Kids?

If you'd like to help support Cops Connecting with Kids and eating a giant pizza isn't your cup of tea (or slice of 'za) you can make a donation through their fundraisers on Facebook. And keep an eye out they host many fundraising events throughout the year too!

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