As I have gotten older, one of the things I really enjoyed learning more about and getting better at is cooking. It's great to make delicious food because, selfishly, I love to eat - but there is also something really satisfying about preparing a good meal for people. In my case, it's a great feeling to know that my family gets excited about certain dishes that I make - and it makes me a happy boy to know that their bellies are full of yummy stuff.

I'm always on the lookout for a new recipe, and I'm always looking for ways to improve my cooking skills and prepare better dishes. I find a lot of recipes and tips and tricks online - mostly on TikTok these days - but I think it would be so cool to get some personal instruction from a professional chef. Lucky for me, the folks at Jacob's Village are giving me, you, and anyone else interested, a chance to do just that with their Cooking for a Cause fundraiser.

On Saturday, March 13th from 4:30pm-6pm, April Boeke (owner of Culinary Innovations and chef at Thyme in the Kitchen) will guide all the participants through the steps to prepare a delicious Tuscan Chicken dinner. Of course, no dinner is complete without dessert, so Chef April will also show you how to prepare a decadent chocolate bundt cake.

Tickets for Cooking for a Cause are $100, which benefits Jacob's Village, who's mission is to is to "develop a safe, walkable neighborhood community where people with disabilities and older adults can find meaningful relationships, housing that is affordable and accessible, and activities that encourage active minds and bodies."

Getting a 90-minute cooking lesson from a professional chef for $100 is a great price, but there's more two. That $100 also gets you fresh meal ingredients for two delivered to your door. You could make this a date night kind of thing or make it just for the girls (or fellas). Either way, you're gonna end up with a yummy meal, and you'll be helping an amazing organization. Visit the Cooking for a Cause event page for any other info you might need.

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