In an adorable new video for Entertainment Weekly's website, the much-beloved Sesame Street characters Grover and Cookie Monster sing about pop-culture hits such as 'The Avengers' and 'The Hunger Games.' Sadly, Elmo wasn't available to join the duo's little choir, as he was busy working on his new musical, but the Blues Brothers decided the show must go on and still performed in the EW office.

The adorable muppets pass on 'Twilight' (sparkly vampires clearly are not their thing) but happily start off by spoofing 'The Hunger Games,' complete with Cookie Monster serenading his beloved treats in a Katniss Everdeen wig. He then inhales the cookies right out of a Cornucopia basket and 'Hunger Games' fan will be amused by that little inside joke.

Next, they take on 'The Avengers' with the Edible Hulk and Grover in his Super Grover duds (clearly The Avengers could've used Super Grover on the team) who sing about how the Marvel superheroes will "always save the day." The best laugh-out-loud moment though comes from the Edible Hulk: "That's my secret; I'm always hungry."

Grover as "Doctor Who" is just as funny as he sings about the good Doctor "never, ever being born" and with Cookie Monster as his Companion, they fight off a Dalek.

In the finale, Oscar the Grouch makes a surprise appearance in the 'Newsroom' spoof that comes right after as Cookie Monster sings about how "grouchiness is up 15%" and then playfully argues with Grover over the broadcast.

For children's characters, these Muppets sure keep up to date with the current trends in pop culture. Check out the video over on

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