Iranian metal heroes Confess have just announced their first album since fleeing from their home country. The aptly-titled Revenge at All Costs will arrive Jan. 21 via Rexius Records.

In 2019, the two original members of Confess — Nikan Khosravi and Arash Ilkhani — were sentenced to a total of 14.5 years in prison for the crime of blasphemy through music. In addition, Khosravi was sentenced to receive 74 lashes. The members of Confess originally faced the death penalty after being arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in 2015.

While Ilkhani chose to remain in Iran pre-sentencing, Khosravi hired a human trafficker to take him out of the country. “I met a guy who was the friend of one of my father's friends. He knows some people from military services who was working there, and with some calls, they introduced me to him,” Confess’ frontman told Loudwire.

“It's kind of 'mafia,' the way they're doing things. It took about five to six days. [I escaped with] two other guys who were total strangers, they were protestors, political people. They brought us to a small town at the Turkey border. Then by bus, we took a 12 hour ride to Istanbul.”

After being sentenced to prison time and lashings, Confess wrote and released the track “EVIN,” named after the prison where they were initially held after being arrested. Khosravi and Ilkhani were ultimately granted asylum in Norway, where they continue to play with local musicians and book shows across Europe.

Confess - Megalodon [Official Video]

Confess’ newest single is the crushing and groovy cut “Megalodon.” Take a listen to the new song above and check out the track listing and album art for Revenge at All Costs below. To support Confess' music, click here.


Confess, Revenge at all Costs Track Listing:

1. Based On A True Story...
3. Phoenix Rises
4. Ransom Note
5. You Can't Tame The Beast!
6. Unfilial Son
7. Megalodon
8. Hegemony
9. Under Surveillance
10. Army Of Pigs!
11. I Speak Hate

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