We repeat — a renegade concert pooper is on the loose in California. As reported by dozens of fans, a phantom of the night emptied their bowels in the pit at a Turnstile show in Santa Cruz, resulting in doo doo being smeared onto the very stage the hardcore band was performing on.

In support of their excellent new album, Glow On, Turnstile played a Vets Hall on Aug. 30 with Show Me the Body, Never Ending Game and Gulch. At some point during Turnstile’s set, human shit ended up on the side of the stage, perhaps from the shoe of a stage diver who stepped in a fresh pile while dancing in the pit.

Twitter has been abuzz about the Turnstile Concert Pooper. Internet sleuths have been attempting to identify the individual who released a Kraken in the pit, but footage of the concert posted to YouTube doesn’t place a spotlight on any suspects.

TURNSTILE - "Big Smile" & Intro "Black Out" LIVE @ Vets Hall, Santa Cruz, Ca. 8/30/21

If you have any information on the Turnstile Concert Pooper, please share on your Twitter timeline so justice can be served. For Turnstile’s full list of 2021 tour dates, click here.

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