All of your favorite Netflix Marvel heroes (...and Iron Fist) finally get together in the new Defenders trailer. (Yeah, I still don't like Iron Fist, so what?)


I've been looking forward to the Defenders for a while now and now that I've seen the trailer I know that the wait was worth it. It looks SO GOOD...


We get a look at Sigourney Weaver's character AND Elektra Natchios is coming back!!!. (Or as I like to call her: Electric Nachos) And according the Defenders imdb page, it's not just the heroes that are getting together. We'll get to see a lot of the other Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Daredevil/Iron Fist characters as well. Claire Temple (duh), Colleen Wing, Foggy Nelson, Misty Knight, Trish Walker, Stick, Malcolm, Jeri Hogarth, and Karen Page are all set to make appearances throughout the show.


It's the ultimate Marvel crossover. (Let's face it, TV Marvel and Movie Marvel are never going to crossover, so let's just take what we can get. Which are the Defenders. Who are AWESOME.)


Also, is it selfish of me to want Luke Cage to just lay the beatdown on Iron Fist?


Danny: We make quite a team.
Jessica: No.
Danny: What are you talking about? Bulletproof. Blind Ninja. Whatever it is you are.
Jessica: Classy.


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