The Indianapolis Colts recognize that their fans aren't just a bunch of dudes. There are a whole lot of ladies that love football and want to support the Colts. And some of those ladies are new moms that have breastfeeding needs.

So this season, the Colts are introducing a 'lactation suite' which will allow ladies to either breastfeed their child or even pump for future feedings. The suite is actually a portable 4 foot by 8 foot pod, complete with electricity for pumping. There will be plenty of room for mom and baby, and even another youngster if need be. The lactation suite will be located on the street level at Lucas Oil.

The Colts will also offer 'Mother's Rooms' as an additional space for breastfeeding or pumping. These rooms will be on the upper levels of the stadium (near sections 307 and 407).

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