The Colts take their rivalries seriously...

Right Guard Matt Slauson was injured early in the third quarter in the game between the Colts and the Patriots last Thursday. He was hit pretty bad, but he got back up and told the coaches that he felt okay to continue playing.

Little did he know that he was gambling with his life.

Slauson was on the field for another 83 offensive snaps and 5 more on special teams, before the game ended with a Colts loss of 38-24, and Slauson was then officially medically evaluated.

Turns out, that hit he took in the third quarter? Broken two vertebrae in his spine.

If he would have been majorly hit in the game again, he could have been paralyzed for life.

If he tore an ACL, or broke almost any other bone, he'd be out for the season. But a broken back? That is career ending and life changing.

The Colts signed SLauson for a one-year deal back in the spring, but it looks like he won't be able to finish that contract.

Doctors have ordered 3 months of bed rest to allow the bones to heal. That means no more games, no more practice. Slauson is out for the rest of the Colts season.

But we wish him a speedy and healthy recovery!

(Source: UsaToday)

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