Led Zeppelin sang about it, but what does one really look like?  I guess we can all imagine and have our own idea of what a stairway to heaven may look like. However, if a stairway to heaven is real, I can imagine it may look a little something like these pictures captured in Sevierville, Tennessee.

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Amazing Cloud Formation Goes Viral

Ashley Finnell of Tennessee shared the photos online and they were immediately shared thousands of times.  When I saw the photos I reached out to Ashley to ask where they were taken and she said she snapped the photos outside of the Food City on Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville. I mean how incredible is this?!

Photo by Ashley Finnell
Photo by Ashley Finnell

Maybe Led Zeppelin was onto something?

Do you think this is what led Zeppelin pictured when they first recorded 'Stairway to Heaven'?

I'm just kidding, I know the rules, no stairway, denied!

Okay, back to these incredible clouds.

This incredible cloud-like stairway was spotted in Sevierville Tennessee.  So where is Sevierville? There's a pretty good chance, you've actually been to Sevierville.

If you've been to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, there's a really good chance you've driven through Sevierville. I know many people from the Tri-State love to visit the Smoky Mountains (me included), and if you've been around that area you've been in the Sevierville area.  How incredible would it be to see this view over the smoky Mountains?  Amazing, right?

Photo by Ashley Finnell
Photo by Ashley Finnell

What kind of clouds creates this "stairway"?

Well, I did some Googling, but I am not a cloud scientist (does anyone know one?  I need answers). The closest thing I could find on Google is that these clouds might be stratocumulus clouds.  According to Study.com they describe stratocumulus clouds as the following:

Stratocumulus clouds are low, puffy and gray in color. They tend to form in lumpy rows. Sometimes you can see blue sky in between them, but others might be mushed together.

Regardless of what type of clouds these are, they sure do make a stunning image in the sky.

A special thank you to Ashley Finnell for allowing me to share her beautiful capture of the sky! Thank you!

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