First there was the toilet paper.  Then the meats started running low.  Not to mention other forms of produce.  Now, another item we tend to use quite often is having trouble staying in stock.

Probably one of the handiest cleaning supplies out there are Clorox Wipes.  So, you can imagine that they have been even more popular these past several months.  According to the Clorox's CEO, Benno Dorer, the company will not be able to fully re-stock the demand for the wipes until 2021.  So, if you happen to see any out in the store I'd grab as many as possible.  Or you could be nice and just take what you need so the rest of us can grab at least one pack.  #InThisTogether

Putting all jokes aside, you might be interested to know that the supply issue is not just due to popular demand.  Clorox Wipes are made with polyester spun lace.  It just so happens that face masks and medical gloves are made using the same materials.  Obviously, face masks and gloves are also in very high demand right now.  So, this puts a few kinks in the supply chain for Clorox Wipes.

I haven't seen much on if other brands that produce these types of wipes are facing the same issue.  I think it's safe to assume that would be the case.  Since there is such a high demand for anything disinfecting these days.  Might be a good idea to stick with paper towels and dish soap for a bit.  Oh, and if you try to buy Clorox Wipes on Amazon be prepared to spend over $30 for one container.  Half of that is just for shipping.  #GoodTimes

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