After all this time, the Browns finally won a game, and the Browns twitter account exploded.

The Cleveland Browns won against the NY Jet last night in Primetime, and Browns fans everywhere LOST THEIR MINDS. Including whoever runs the Browns official twitter account.

But, to be fair, I'd be reacting the same way after I just broke a 635 day losing streak.

And it was an especially great night for Carlos Hyde. Not only was it his birthday, but his wife was at the hospital about to deliver a baby! Carlos Jr. was born this morning at 8 pounds 11 oz. So, Carlos is kind of having the 24 hours ever.

They also retweeted Bud Light, who kindly reminded us of the bar in Cleveland that has had a cooler of Bud Light locked up THIS ENTIRE TIME waiting for a win.

Check out the browns twitter @Browns to follow up on their victory tweets and giveaways. Yeah, they're so happy they won that they're giving away prizes.

And I'm a Colts fan through and through, but I am proud of the Browns today. It's always good to see the underdog win for once.

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