Who says the housing market is in the toilet? Aaron Spelling's sweet digs in Beverly Hills are still up for grabs. And can be yours for only $150 Million, as the most expensive place in America. That's million with an m. But if you got some cash to spend and don't feel like living in the 90210, why not keep it local in the 477-whatever.

Here is a listing of some of the top-priced real estate available in the area, thanks to Yahoo! Real Estate. I also provided realtor page listings. In case 'you're looking', cause we don't all have $150 Mil to drop on a house that has its own gift wrapping room.

1) 4801 Royal Oak Dr


Priced at close to $1,700,000, this place is pretty much worth every penny. Its certainly a step above the one-bedroom castle I call home. Boasting 25 acres with a heated pool and three car garage, you're going to be paying big. You could possibly get some roommates, with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Sure someone is getting half a bathroom, but just adjust the rent. You can check out this property on Janice Miller's ERA First Advantage Realty page.


2) 6301 Lincoln Ave


Man cave is what you are going for. Well look no further. This place features a full walk out basement, and its 1/10th the price of Spelling's pad. Assuming my poor math skills haven't failed me again. It features a SubZero freezer/refrigerator combo, which I can't afford but hear is pretty snazzy. No relator contact info is given. So if you're serious about this one, check out the listing on Yahoo.


3)6200 Newburgh Rd


Holy Geodesic dome! Who knew a place like this existed in Southern Indiana. So you wanna live like Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, you're gonna have to throw down $1,200,000 on this Hoosier EPCOT. With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, you don't have to worry about all that annoying cultural education. Get ready to make some trouble in this bubble. The master suite features a walk-in shower (is there another kind?) and whirlpool tub. Not to mention the in-ground pool and lake. However, being a westsider, those two things are one in the same to me. Check out the listing here, on Dwann Taylor's ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc page.


4) 21 Johnson Pl


Do you ever find that you don't have enough bathrooms in your house. Well check out this place that has 6 of them. You could use a different one for almost every day of the week. On the 7th day you can rest. You can also rest in one of the four bedrooms that this place has. The ladies are sure to enjoy this place, cause its of French design. And they love French stuff, or so I'm told by that 'pick up show' on VH1. This almost $1,200,000 pad has a virtual tour, which you can view online. This property is currently listed with Maryann Bryan of RE/Max Midwest Realty.


5) 11115 Summitree Ct.


If I was in the market for a home in this price margin, I would have someone else writing my posts, and I would be purchasing this home. Why would I drop $930,000 on this place? The sweet Batman poster in the game room. I know this belongs to the current owner, but I'm assuming we could work out a deal for them to leave it. In this fantasy world I've created, I also get to enjoy 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Meaning I have options on where to pass out after another successful Thong Thursday. The design of this house is based on those by Frank Lloyd Wright. This home is currently listed with Jerry Williams of ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.


Are there any sweet places that I missed? Or do you want to put in a quick plug for a place you're trying to sell. Leave it below!