Evansville is due to get some heavy rain towards the end of the week, here's a way to help prevent flooding.

According to the National Weather Service, rain will move into our area later Thursday and stick around through Saturday (fun)! We seem to fall in the area where we could see around 3-5" of rain. In the mean time the City of Evansville has asked for residents to help prevent flooding.

City of Evansville's official Twitter account said crews will help take precautions to mitigate flooding by clearing problem areas. However they ask that if you see a clogged street inlet in your neighborhood that you please clear it. They ask that you remove the debris from the top of your street inlet.

With potential for weekend rain, we're taking steps to mitigate flooding. Crews will be clearing known problem areas among the thousands of street inlets throughout the city. But we're also asking for citizens to help.




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