With a lot of rain expected this weekend, city officials are asking residents to help make sure curb inlets are clear of leaves to prevent flooding.

Storm Drain Pollution Warning
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On Twitter the city of Evansville has asked that residents keep an eye on their curb inlets to make sure water can drain properly to help prevent street flooding. We're expected 1-2 inches of rain this weekend which can result in street flooding. While city crews are on call, and will be doing their best to clear curb inlets, the city also asks that residents be on the lookout and if you notice leaves covering an inlet near you to please clear them.

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Weather forecast calls for 1”-2” of rain this weekend. Leaves can cause problems clogging up curb inlets. While City crews will be on call in case of major street flooding, residents are encouraged to clear leaves covering the inlets near their homes to advert possible flooding.




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