I know, I'm a bit behind on the bandwagon, but at least I'm here!


Let me start this off by saying that I'm not one of those millennials that didn't know who the Golden Girls were. I've always known who the Golden Girls were. I've always known about the show. I just never watched it.


Until now.


I am almost 26 years old and until I few weeks ago I had never seen an episode of Golden Girls.


And it took me one night to become a fan.


I was just flipping through the channels late one night and nothing was on that I liked and I saw that the Golden Girls was on and I was like "Eh, I might as well check this out..."


Two episodes later and I already had the theme song memorized and identify myself to be a Sophia. I, too, say anything that comes in my head, I don't really care for your opinion, and fart jokes will always make me laugh.



I do think we all have our Dorothy days, though, am I right?


Anyway, my point is: I'm a fan now. I know I'm late to the game, but at least I got here, alright??


I'm such a fan now that I asked for the Golden Girls Funko POPs for my birthday. YES, they are a thing and YES, I want them.


I'm also starting to realize that this show got away with a lot of stuff that was kind of taboo to talk about on tv in the 80's, but since these girls were "golden" that made it okay for them to say. They delve into topics like condoms and safe sex, cross-dressing, gay marriage, HIV/AIDS and STD's, Alzheimer's, ...I mean most of the episodes are feel good giggles but some of them just unexpectedly hit home.


Fun Fact: The Golden Girls is on the Hallmark channel from 10p-midnight every weeknight. And I have trouble sleeping, so I just watch the Golden Girls until I feel tired enough to finally go to bed. So I guess I'm one of those women that watches the Hallmark channel now...



Bonus Fact: I stand by the fact that, as the only living Golden Girl left, Betty White should be protected at all costs.

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