Happy National Donut Day! Let's celebrate by drooling over some of our favorite treats.

I love me some sugar. Especially in dough form. So here are some of my favorite sugar dough delicacies.

5. Crumb Cake

I don't know what sort of magical cinnamon sugar goodness the Donut Bank puts IN and ON TOP of this magnificent creature but I love it.

4. Pumpkin Spice

While a lot of people go crazy for pumpkin spice drinks in the fall, I go crazy for pumpkin spice cake donuts. That are my JAM. Don't judge me. You love it too. You know when you walk into a donut place in the fall and you see they have pumpkin spice flavored donuts your mind goes "OH SNAP...." because you know you're about to leave with 5 of those things.

3. Bavarian Cream

It's pudding. In a donut. Topped with chocolate. What's NOT to love?

2. Tiger Tails

Or, as I called them when I was a kid, "Twisty MaGoos"


Okay, I don't remember what this donut was called, or if they even make it anymore. But when I was a kid and my family took vacations in Florida, we'd always stop at Krispy Kreme (this was before Evansville got one. So stopping at Krispy Kreme in Florida was a BIG DEAL to us.) And they had a limited time donut that I HAVE NOT SEEN SINCE. It was a regular circular dough but it was topped with chocolate, and chocolate cookie crumbles, and filled with chocolate pudding. It was straight up chocolate overload and I was in love from the first bite.

And this donut has evaded me ever since.

I only had it ONCE and yet it is NUMBER ONE on my donut list. THAT IS HOW GOOD IT WAS. I'm pretty sure I still have cavities to this day that began with the first bite of that donut and I don't care. I NEED TO FIND IT AGAIN.

So if anyone sees this donut, or something similar to it anywhere in the tri-state, please let me know...PLEASE...

And YOU can enjoy YOUR favorite donuts today for free!!! (Sort of) Donut Bank is offering a free assorted donut with any purchase while supplies last today. So get to it! I did. I grabbed myself 2 donuts off of my list (a tiger tail and a crumb cake).

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall

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