If you haven't started watching Daredevil season 3 yet, there's a few things you need to do first.

Daredevil season 3 is THE most binge-able of the 3 seasons so far. As in, once you start, you will NOT be able to stop. There are no stopping points. You just hit play on episode 1 and prepare yourself for a 13 hour ride.

Things you need to do before watching Daredevil season 3:

1. Watch The Defenders. Because season 3 picks up right where The Defenders left off. Yes, there are some parts of the Defenders that are boring, but some important stuff happens that causes Matt to be where he is physically and mentally at the start of season 3.

2. Go to the bathroom. There are very few "stopping" points after you hit play... It's like getting on a roller coaster. Just because you're yelling "STOP" at the ride operator doesn't mean he's going to stop the ride right in the middle just for you. JUST HOLD ON AND WAIT FOR A STOPPING POINT.


4. Watch it over the weekend or take the day off of work. Because you have to watch it all in one sitting. If you try to watch one or two episodes one night and stop...it's going to kill you. You're going to be thinking about finishing it all day at work the next day.

5. Get a friend that's already seen season 3 on speed dial. You might need to call them at certain points to discuss what the hell you just saw.

Here's a spoiler-free review on what to expect this season...

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