Some movies stick with you because they're funny, or sad, or make you feel things. But some stick with you because of just ONE scene...

I recently had to take some time off of work due to some health issues. Which means I watched a LOT of movies. And some of these movies got me thinking about some of the most shocking movie endings I've ever seen.

10. Unbreakable 

If you want to see the next M. Night Shyamalan film Glass, start with the original that started it all. (Then see Split)

9. The Usual Suspects

This ending was a shock, but also made us a little frustrated and mad. We've been spending this whole movie thinking we knew who-done-it, and this guy has been throwing us through a loop the entire time???

8. The Promise

I will promote this movie til my dying breath. It is so good.

Everyone thinks it's just another period drama/romance movie, but that's actually what they had to promote the movie as in order for it to get made. The actual plot is about the Armenian genocide. If they openly promoted this movie about it being about that, the Armenian government would have shut this movie down.

That's actually why it didn't get shown in many theaters, because as soon as it premiered, the Armenian government tried to get it out of every theater they could.

So in order to get permission to have this movie be filmed on location, they had to write a 'romance/love-triangle' into the movie. But there is a scene at the end that just shoves it in your face that this is NOT a love story. This is NOT about those relationships. This is about what these people went through and how the government is still trying to cover it up.

Also, Chris Cornell sang the theme, and it always makes me cry.

7. Psycho

One of the first shocking twists of cinema.

6. Seven Pounds

This is one of those movies that you think you have figured out. But then when you DO finally figure out what's happening, you're gonna cry. Because you hope that's not where this is going. But it does. And then you cry some more.

5. Remember Me

I know. Another weird drama/romance thing? That's what I thought. That's what everyone thought. But the last 2 minutes make you sit in stunned silence for the entirety of the credits.


Honestly, I just watched this move one day while I was bored. I didn't really care about the plot. Guy doesn't want to follow in his business dad's footsteps, starts falling for a girl...basic romantic drama plot.

So 90% is just "Eh"



The final scene is the main character going to see his dad to finally get an office job. Camera cuts to his little sister in school. They're writing the date on the chalk board. The date: September 11th, 2001. Cuts back to guy in office building. Camera slowly zooms out of the building. It's the World Trade Center. You hear a plane engine in the distance. It's getting louder.

Screen cuts to black.


4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

We were all rooting for McMurphy. Even if he was a bit of an a**hole.

The ending is like a sad Shawshank. They get out, but at what cost?

3. Planet of the Apes (1968)

2. Seven


1. The Sixth Sense

I mean, he straight up told us he sees dead people...We should have known.


What's the most shocking ending you've seen in a movie?



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