This place has a haunted reputation, and for a good reason!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY is one of the most haunted places in America. And with it's bloody history, its no surprise.

The current Waverly Hills was built in 1926 as a tuberculosis hospital. At the time, a cure for TB wasn't known, it was all guess work. So many treatments involved simply putting people in fresh air and sunlight. Some patients, with more severe cases of TB, were subjected to experimental procedures that included rib removal, collapsing the entire lung to let lesions heal, and even chemotherapy (which was actually useful).

Between 1926 and 1961 63,000 people died at Waverly Hills. From tuberculosis, their extreme treatments, and even suicide.

After this, the hospital was turned into a geriatric facility and mental ward until the 1980s, contributing to even more deaths inside the building.

And after the facility lay dormant for the remainder of the 1980s, a man and his dog were allowed to stay in the abandoned hospital as a groundskeeper. Unfortunately, that man and his dog were found dead in the elevator shaft, supposedly killed by trespassers.

So it's no wonder the place is so haunted today. People claim to see shadow people, hear (and see) doors slamming shut, seeing the man and his dog wandering near the elevators, and even smell food cooking near the kitchens...

Did I experience any of these things when I went? YOU BETCHA. I definitely smelled something near the kitchens, but at the time I thought to myself "Oh, one of the tour guides must have microwaved something before the tour...I mean, it is dinner time." It wasn't until later that I realized that there is no microwave in the abandoned kitchen. Nor is there electricity.

And I might have accidentally run into someone in the Death Tunnels...

*Side note: I did reach out when I 'felt' that person there and it was SUPER COLD. And I also immediately apologized. I mean, what if I accidentally just touched someone's ghost boob? This person is already dead, they've been through enough, and here I am perfectly alive and healthy, feeling up a spirit? Of course I apologized!

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