I bet if you counted right now, there would be more Christmas movies than Christmas songs. Yes, Christmas specials do count. There is something holiday-themed for everyone on Netflix right now. Here's a few I love. 

Scrooged (1988)

It's the first time I ever saw Bill Murray play a bad guy. It bothered me; he's supposed to funny and sarcastic, not mean. This modern take on A Christmas Carol is fresh and fantastical. I'm always a sucker for Karen Allen in a non-Indiana Jones role.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Raise your hand if you were brought up on Ernest P. Worrell and his various "Hey Vern!" commercials. Ernest even got so popular, he had his own Saturday morning show on CBS. He had what seemed like an unending movie career and Ernest Saves Christmas Is one of his best. The late Jim Varney had a whole cast of characters that existed in Ernest's world and they are all on board in this off-beat holiday classic.

White Christmas (1954)

This movie is great! I know great is too simple a description but it's visually beautiful, and the music, come on! Hollywood has tons of classic musicals and White Christmas is a masterpiece. It was the first film ever released in VistaVision, in other words, the old-timey term of HD/Widescreen resolution. My only beef, it's way too long. Its runtime is 2 hours, but it seems like an eternity, or Christmas, to get to the end.

HERE is the rest of the Christmas movies and specials you can stream now on Netflix.

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