The drum kit Chris Adler used while recording Megadeth’s Dystopia album has been lost in a fire. More specially, it burned after Betraying the Martyrs’ van caught fire, as Adler had lent them the kit on tour.

Chris Adler was forced to stop touring with Lamb of God after being injured in a 2018 motorcycle accident. Adler did not appear with LoG for the better part of a year, and earlier this month, Lamb of God announced the drummer was no longer a member of the band. An official reason has not been given, Lamb of God instead wishing Adler “the best in his future endeavors.”

Just days before Lamb of God revealed Adler was out, Betraying the Martyrs were involved in a serious auto accident, resulting in the cancellation of their entire summer tour. After Betraying the Martyrs escaped their van, it caught flames, destroying all their personal possessions and gear.

While speaking with the Talk Toomey podcast, BTM vocalist Aaron Matts admitted that Adler’s Megadeth kit was the one burnt. “The drum kit that we were using was actually Chris Adler’s drum kit that was used to record on Megadeth’s album. ‘Yeah, listen, Chris, you know that really awesome drum kit that you gave us to do the tour? Yeah well it’s gone now.’ I didn’t [make that call]. I was like, ‘Shotgun not me.'” [via Metalsucks]

Lamb of God have two U.S. festival shows scheduled for October. The band’s next album is expected to see a 2020 release. Adler will be a part of the "Hail! Rockstar Extravaganza" all-star gig in Moscow, Russia this October.

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