A couple of decades ago, the killer doll Chucky first appeared on the big screen, turning what should have been a beautiful childhood bonding moment into the introduction of one of the scariest characters in horror film history. Now, in 2019, fans will get a big screen update of the original Child's Play film that introduced Chucky, bringing back those chilling moments for a new generation.

This latest installment was directed by Lars Klevberg, and takes things back to the beginning when young and lonely Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) gets a new "best friend," Chucky, the toy doll purchased for Andy by his mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza). Little does Karen know the hell that she's just unleashed by trying to give her son some extra comfort in his life, and the murderous doll's rampage begins.

In the first trailer for the new version, Chucky is seen mostly in silhouettes and dark lighting, though his familiar clothing does get some screen time in the promo. The trailer also features Brian Tyree Henry, who plays the detective on the case trying to find the murderer behind the killing spree, and Detective Norris appears to find himself in the midst of a blackout inside a toy store. Meanwhile, Karen is also in peril, bloodied and tied up about to meet a gruesome fate. Watch the horrifying action and get your first (shaded) glimpses of Chucky in the trailer below.

The new version of Child's Play arrives in theaters June 21, and as was recently reported, there's also a new SyFy series in the works that will continue the adventures of the killer doll.

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