So we all have a picture or two out there we aren't very happy about. I have a lot of drunken moments I would rather not have floating around the internet. Yearbooks are supposed to be memories of your younger years that you can have forever to look back on right? What about the photos you would much rather forget about? Like this one.....

Chelsea '97
Chelsea '97


It was 1997 and crimped hair and big glasses were in, as for the overalls...I really couldn't tell you. I was a little on the tom boy side when I was in grade school, I played football with the boys and got muddy when I could get the chance.

I was flippin through my scrapbook I made senior year in high school and found this awesome photo. Why I felt I needed to put it in my scrapbook I'll never know. I figured I should share with you my awesome hair and glasses from circa 1997! Man, those glasses!!! Why I wore the huge ones for so long I will never know. It was the style then and it seems to be coming back!

So, don't make fun, I was brave enough to put this on here!  Do you have an embarrassing yearbook photo??? Send it my way!!!!

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