So many good movies are being released this summer and I'm pretty excited about them! I love a good laugh and if I'm guna pay an arm and leg to go see a movie at the theater I am going to want to enjoy the movie that is for sure!

Here is a list of movies I am most excited about and their release dates:

May 3rd - Iron Man 3

Who doesn't enjoy a good superhero movie!


May 24th - Fast and Furious 6

I highly enjoyed the previous Fast and Furious movies hopefully this one will be just as good! The trailer is filled with action and adventure! A plane blowing up and a car driving through it ahhh...Super excited to see the whole thing! Plus Paul Walker is HOTTTT!


June 12th - This is the End

Pineapple Express is my all time favorite comedy movie! This is going to have all of the stars from that movie but they will be playing themselves! Seth Rogen and James Franco are HILARIOUS!  I  for see this one to be pee in your pants funny!

June 21st - World War Z

I only have one word for this one - ZOMBIES! Check out the bad ass trailer


July 3rd - Despicable Me 2

I'm a little kid at heart and I enjoy kid movies...I LOVED the first one so I'm sure this one is going to be just as good!

July 12th - Grown Ups 2

This one is going to be hilarious as well! Adam Sander is just one funny man! He has always been my favorite oh and Kevin James! They are both great actors!


What is your most anticipated movie for the summer of 2013???